Saturday, March 10, 2012

“Oh, you naked bitch”

So, my noted best friend, Claudia, has been visiting me on this fine evening for a lovely treat of Sherlock fangirling.
She has developed quite a fondness for the perfect being that is Benedict Cumberbatch.
At the moment of writing this, we are watching the episode entitled “A Scandal in Belgravia”, featuring the apparently subtle romantic interest of our dear Sherlock, Irene Adler. Claudia/Mop/Moriarty finds herself in a pit of anger and emotion.
I sit here listening to her rantings about how stupid Ms Adler is, simply for being in the presence of our favourite consulting detective.
And now she is calling the American agents bitches as well as The Woman.
This is quite an interesting little phenomenon of jealous fangirling I bear witness to right now.
She has desires that involve the removal of each molecule in Ms Adler’s body.
Granted, I feel similarly toward my friend and her wishes, but I have mental filters that repress the anger, while Claudia finds herself devoid of any form of filter whatsoever.
And now she is rolling around in anger as a result of the violence imposed on our beloved Sherlock.
“I am going to kill her. How. Dare. She. Slap. Benedict. Cumberbatch.”
“You naked bitch.”
“You narcissistic bitch. The poor man. The poor, beautiful man.”

My friends are awesome.
This is going to be an interesting viewing experience.
Thanks. And stuff.

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