Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Am

My mechanical heart does not beat,
a human heart would be obsolete.
My metal frame contains no blood,
instead, I hold an energy flood.

A human brain is not in my possession,
those were the cause of the human recession.
My head is filled with wires and cards,
and pieces of glass filed from shards.

My light filled eyes are made of glass,
they are of the highest class.
My vision will never be impaired,
and all my visions can be shared.

I don’t sleep in the way humans do,
I restore the energy my actions chew.
There is a port on my silicone embedded head,
where a plug enters and energy is fed. 

Technology is replacing the human race,
they’re being removed from the planet’s face.
I am not flesh or blood or bone,
I am an android, cold as stone.


In English, right at the beginning of the year, we had to write something that would describe any chosen person/object using poetry or paragraphs etc.
I wrote this poem about a dystopian-era android describing herself.

Best Wishes

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