Thursday, February 16, 2012


So, I began watching Sherlock.
I think I am obsessed. It is brilliant. What more can I say?
And then I found their blogs.
Yes, Sherlock and John’s actual blogs exist and can be read.
But I have a problem.
As I read through Sherlock’s blog and marvel at his amazingness, I feel the overwhelming urge to comment on the things that have been written.
Some part of my mind reaches forth unto the world to a place in which Sherlock Holmes exists.
And then I realise the horrible truth of it all.
And I weep internally.
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are mere fictional characters of a television show.
I can’t actually say anything to them. For there is no being alive who could read my words directed at these fictional people with a correct identity to actually legitimatise my statement.
And my soul cries.
That is the curse of the fangirl. Of the one with fandoms.
And with a situation like this… I feel so incredibly close to these characters, only to have all that hope stripped away from me.
All I can say is, “Oh.”
I feel like a ghost. Shouting, trying to make myself heard, but they don’t hear me.
That is just sad.
What is my life?

Fangirl depression rant is over
Back to reading Sherlock’s blog.