Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Path To Insanity

I have fallen prey to the terrible deceit that is madness. My brain has betrayed all my trust. I believed that it would not create such terrible scenarios while I sleep. Instead, I was given nightmares.
I dream of monsters we call zombies. These particular ones are sentient. They taunt me. They follow me around this endless looping world that my dreams have formed. They hide in every corner, waiting to invade my mind. This land of insanity is formed by pre-apocalyptic landscape. Houses, cars, fences, grass and many more man made constructions litter this world, making it terribly hard to escape the lurking fiends.
They hunt you down. They corner you. They tease you. They mess with your mind for a while. Then they eat you.
I dreamt of this, travelling in an endless journey. I saw familiar faces, pulled from memory. Each person had one zombie that would follow them around. The zombie seemed to change per lap. Some were particularly terrifying and some were too strong for me. I don't quite understand the point of these zombies. They didn't seem to be interested in actually killing people. They were all talk and no action.
I was getting pretty scared of the one that was following me. She shouted a lot and she kept grabbing my arms, trying to prevent my movement.
As she was shouting at me one last time, I paused the game and woke up.
That was an interesting twist to my dream.

Now I sit here at 2:22 AM and I dont want to sleep for fear of the game continuing.
Please, save me from monsters of my slowly unraveling mind.

I guess I should just face the dream world, whatever it may hold.
I've been having lots of nightmare-ish dreams recently.
I need to stop reading the scary book I'm reading then.

Okay, now that I have leaked enough of my madness into your brain, I can leave this now.
Good night

PS: First time blogging from my phone.

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