Friday, January 20, 2012

Internet… I miss you

I think our internet spends more time down than actually available to be used.
Stupid weather.

Anyway, I’m writing this at 2:38 AM on Friday 13 January. I have yet to sleep but I did get some sleep earlier. I’ll probably upload this along with the one I wrote last night during the sleep over I had with my friends later, when I have internet.
My sleeping patterns need to be fixed soon. I go back to school on Wednesday.

I tried vlogging yesterday (Wednesday [days are so confusing]) but as I was uploading there was some stupid error and I couldn’t upload it. I’ll try to make one tomorrow (Friday [again… confusing]) and hopefully I’ll have internet to upload it.
I think people should just read my blog if they want to keep up with me.

Additionally, the procrastination from beginning nothingcollab has to end now. I must make a video on either Monday or Tuesday to be uploaded on Tuesday. If I want to have a collab, I have to start it.

That’s the end… I guess.
I’m not that tired so I’ll probably just lie here thinking.
Ugh. Why can’t I just turn my brain off like normal people.
Anyway, DFTBA and best wishes

Another late post. Sorry!

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