Friday, January 20, 2012

An Interesting Time

My friends are visiting. We have watched Doctor Who and played Guitar Hero and as I write this, Soul Caliber 4 tournaments occur. It’s 2:12 AM on Thursday 12 January and I have been awake for too long.
Decay in brain activity has begun.

Charlotte has instructed me to inform all my readers of her vastly impressive fighting skills and Giulia’s awesome new haircut (???).
Charlotte has also seemingly fallen in love with the YouTuber savanamazing as a result of her impressive beauty and her “general awesomeness” though she states that she is NOT a lesbian.

Claudia is excited over her new phone, however, she is currently frustrated in the heat of gameplay with Giulia defeating her cruelly as a cold blooded bully.  
Now all our sleep over without sleep is missing is the fantastical Nimisha.
We all miss her and I’m sure she’d like to see us before the return of the common education system known as school.

This particular blog post has been invaded by the almighty Charlotte and she requests that I add various things to the end of this post.

|I_____I|     <---- Robot ^_^   
|   o  o  |   
|__ H__|  

(o.o)    <---- Bunny rabbit ^_^
(n n) 

<========[//////)    <--- Sword

(I would have drawn a Charlotte but my brain is fried) 


Teaching Charlotte some awesome stuff on the computer FTW.

DFTBA and Best Wishes

-hugs sad Claudia- 

Sorry I’m only uploading this today, 20 January. Wow, I’m slow.

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