Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grade 9: Week 1

So, I began the 9th Grade on Wednesday.
It’s been a strange week for me.
It began with an early awakening after very little sleep. I enjoyed seeing my friends again. I received many positive comments about my red hair. That was nice.
Then began registration in which I was given my timetable and forced to give a little biography of myself. It went a little something like this:
“My name is Sinead. I think I am too complex a being to describe in one little biography. Basically, I’m a nerd. I’m proud of being a nerd.” This got applause, to my surprise. “I am a member of the online community known as Nerdfighters. We are nerds. We don’t fight nerds, obviously. Thanks.” and I sat down very awkwardly.
I was then forced to give the very social girl beside me a high five. Ugh, human contact.
Then began assembly. I was very disappointed to learn that I was not in the same class as any of my friends. At least I have Lindsey, though. I think I’ll know her quite well by the end of the year as I spend more time with her than any of my other friends.
I am certain that this year is going to be depressing without random moments in class with Nimisha, Claudia and Giulia.
Day 2 was a little better but I was told that my hair colour is not natural looking and I have until Monday to make it more natural. This was quite disappointing.
My new class is not very Sinead friendly and this could be a little problematic.
I have also received homework every day. This year has been quite stressful and it’s only the first week.
At the end of Day 2, we were given an assembly about the new “merit/demerit” system and I think it is utter rubbish. We have “green card offences”, “yellow card offences” and “red card offences”, all varying in intensity. Basically, having my red hair is a “yellow card offence” and wearing my DFTBA wristband is a “green card”. Green is not good, as you would think. No, instead it’s just more mild than others.
I have also noted the absence of a reward system, so basically my school thinks we are only allowed to be punished. Lovely. Just lovely.
Day 3 began with a piece of paper with information about ourselves on it being handed to each student. Apparently my religious views are “aenostic”, which isn’t even correct as I’m an atheist. Also, how do they know my dexterity? I haven’t told them about my right-handedness. How do they know?
What also worried me about that page was that on each and every form, there was a section labeled “maternity leave”, as though they expect our school to be filled with pregnant sluts. WTF?
This has been a post filled with a certain level of anger and I apologise. Maybe next time I’ll talk about something nice, like Doctor Who.

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Savannah said...

YES! Talk about Doctor Who! Sounds like hell, not even being able to wear a DFTBA bracelet.