Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Contemplatory Stuff

Contemplatory is not a word? It should be.

I had so much in my mind that I wanted to write down but then it all fizzled into the sadness of contemplatory not being a word. Damn people and their words.
I think I’ve been watching Wheezy Waiter too much because this is kinda how his mind seems to work.

I completed the drawings I did last night. Yaaay! I will scan them in when I can get hold of the scanner and then I’ll upload them with some other stuff.
Wow, I really should find the scanner. There’s a lot that I need to scan.

So, I realized a mere few moments ago that several social filters exist in my head.
For example, the “weird filter” saves me from speaking the very first thing that appears in my head as people may find it odd. This filter is used whenever I am around people. Blogging and vlogging are dangerous because the filter doesn’t automatically turn itself on as it does around others. Sometimes if becomes faulty in quick situations or sleep deprived days, such as today. (I didn’t sleep last night… again)
The existence of the “weird filter” came to my attention when I was in the kitchen, getting breakfast wen I said something odd (that something is currently not available due to terrible memory) and then I was thankful that I was not surrounded by people as I would have received some strange looks.
Sometimes it’s just so random.
Like so:

I wanna be a chair.
Ooh my cereal looks like a robot head!
I wonder what it’s like to be an ant.
I wonder what the Earth tastes like.
Can I adopt Nyan Cat?

This is mild weirdness.

Best Wishes

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