Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank you, subconscious

Some time ago, I had a dream about a person.
It was rather odd. I was at my school and there this person was.
He was an interesting character. I still marvel at what a complex personality my mind created. I had a strong friendship with this person. My subconscious created a person that I could relate to. Someone I viewed as a strong friend. Someone who doesn’t exist. 
This muddled my head up for a while. It led to many speculations on what reality and what is the dreamt up world. Who is to say that this friend of mine doesn’t exist.
Perhaps he is not of the physical world, but he exists in my head.
I can naturally assume that you, as my reader, must think I am mentally ill at this moment. I have a friend who exists in my head? Isn’t that a sign of insanity? Perhaps it is. Well, I welcome insanity. It seems to make life more fun. More interesting.
I just have a lot of speculation on this matter at the moment.
I forgot about Alexo for a long time, but the memory of this artificially created personality surfaced in my thoughts again just recently. I must seem incredibly silly.
Why did I create this person?
Was he supposed to go into a book? Will his character surface at some point in my life? What is his purpose to my mind?
Here I sit, speculating over a figment of my imagination.
What is my life?
Friends that don’t exist. Why?
Am I creating scenarios in my head so as not to endure through real life ones and face heartache? Is my brain a coward to the real world?
So many questions that lie without answers all as a result of someone who doesn’t even exist.


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