Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Past

Have you ever looked back at things you wrote when you were younger?
Whenever I do, I can’t help but think how juvenile everything I said was.

I guess, it’s just how life goes.
When I read this in the future, I’ll wonder what was happening in my head. I will question my motives. I will marvel in a world of confusion at how weird I was.
Well, this is to you, me from the future.

I know what you’re probably thinking. I seem so silly. I have such a weak vocabulary in comparison to yourself. I am inexperienced in life and I seem… odd?
I can only hope that you are a Nerdfighter still. I don’t know how much you like Chameleon Circuit or Charlie now. You’ll probably read this a few times over the years and I’m sure you will be able to mark your way through life, watching yourself change and grow as an individual. I am interested in going that way, seeing that path. I wonder what I will be like at 16. Will I go to university? What will the life of 21 year old Sinead hold? Will I still have the friends I had at 14 when I am 25? What profession will I be in at 30? Will I have books published? What location will I occupy at 32? Where will I be living? Will I still have an interest in the internet? Or drawing? Writing? What if I spend the rest of my days doing menial tasks, wasting away in an office? Will I ever be a professional vlogger? Will I ever become so good at video making that I’ll earn money from it?
There are so many questions, but I prefer not to dwell in the past or future, but rather focus on the present. I can’t change the past and I don’t know what colour bricks lay my path for the future. So, let me enjoy the present.
Thank you.

This has changed from a letter to myself to a random jumble of questions about my future.


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