Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hatsune Miku

I am amazed.
Our world is changing in ways one would never even imagine.
That video is to what I am referring.

How can a singer -a pop star- be an anime character?
A series of lights are projected onto glass panels, creating an effect of 3 dimensionality.
How does she sing?
Her voice is created using electronically generated sounds, imitating voice and sound.
She is , in essence, a hologram.
I don’t fully grasp the concept of dancing around to a hologram. I think it fascinating, yes, but it is also incredibly terrifying. I can feel myself becoming obsolete, as one with an aspiration to entertain via music or literature. Robotics will take the lead in modern society and humans will just be the things that got them started, only to become the wastes or space, taking up their precious time and space.
What does the future of humanity hold?
Will we have any use in a 100 years time?
How great will the advances of robotics be by then?

I both adore and abhor this concept.

I am honestly one who enjoys anime and manga, but I don’t think that our musical entertainment should be taken by it. I would much rather listen to music created by the voicebox of a living, breathing human (though, not all of them) than anything generated by a computer.
Some music does work better if generated by electronics, like dubstep, for example. That, however is not anything that involves actual singing.
I also don’t think that people sound better when they auto-tune themselves. It is just fake and annoying. All I can think it, “That isn’t your voice. That is a computer.”

These are just some opinions about this matter from me.

Goodbye and DFTBA

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