Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fake Glasses Girl

The school term. It be over…
I return for one day next Friday to receive my report card and enjoy a day of spending money for a market day.
Also, don’t forget community service this coming week. That’s always a joy… right?

Hehe, I have a new message tone on my phone that makes me laugh.
Whenever I get a message from an angry Nimisha, this noise plays. I am supposed to feel sympathy for her for a story I shall elaborate on shortly, but when this noise plays, I just burst out laughing.
The story of her anger.
Fake glasses girl is her name. I don’t know her real name.
Nimisha went to school with her last year. She is still forced to see this girl very often.
Her name is Fake Glasses Girl because she spent R5000 on a pair of fake glasses to be a stupid poser freak. She also said that Charlie was gay. She is a constant torment on Nimisha’s life and tonight I was notified of Nimisha’s forced presence at this person’s party. And SMS from a distraught Nimisha read, “There are sluts all over the place… wearing fake glasses.” Pity her soul. 

Well, that’s a story about the mortal enemy of my friend. My poor, poor friend.


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