Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chair = Murder Weapon

Dear Stupid People Of The World,

This is coming to you from someone who actually thinks before they speak.
Don’t go around saying something and getting someone’s hopes up and then crush them like a burnt leaf to ash. Think about the consequences of your actions.
Also, don’t put that thing in your mouth. It may kill you.
You can’t do something and then just expect it to vanish when you wish so. You have a certain responsibility in life and you must be aware of it.
I am angry. If you’ve been stupid or thoughtless, I am angry at you. If you’ve done something big and important before thinking of the consequences, I am angry at you.
Also, if you’re not one for thinking, I will set the zombies on you and they shall devour your innards.
Or I will kill you with a tray. I will hack at your neck with the thin bits until the blood flows across the canteen floor.
Actually, death by chair seems best. Death by chair it shall be.
Please, go die in a hole if you are that ignorant and stupid that you mess with the lives of others either mentally or physically.

someone with a brain. (not to be eaten. Take theirs, they don’t use theirs anyway)

I apologise for the anger and violence witnessed in some segments of this post.
I was angry at one person in particular and the anger at the other stupid people rose to the top.
Dearest reader, that anger was not aimed at you.


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