Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project For Awesome <3

This inspirational event has led to much emotion.
I am so glad at what a wonderful community I’m part of.
I will definitely make a video for it next year.
Such a great cause.
I will also try to donate to it.
Also, planning is required for the late night.
I need sleep!

Best wishes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days to Doctor Who

DSC_0030I has red hair!
I’m currently watching Doctor Who and now I feel sad. 12 days to go!

Ummm…. Writing… Stuff… Hmmm… 

I played a large portion of Portal 2 yesterday. I wanted to replay it, so I did in one day.

Brain blank.

DFTBA – Don’t Fight The Batty Androids.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank you, subconscious

Some time ago, I had a dream about a person.
It was rather odd. I was at my school and there this person was.
He was an interesting character. I still marvel at what a complex personality my mind created. I had a strong friendship with this person. My subconscious created a person that I could relate to. Someone I viewed as a strong friend. Someone who doesn’t exist. 
This muddled my head up for a while. It led to many speculations on what reality and what is the dreamt up world. Who is to say that this friend of mine doesn’t exist.
Perhaps he is not of the physical world, but he exists in my head.
I can naturally assume that you, as my reader, must think I am mentally ill at this moment. I have a friend who exists in my head? Isn’t that a sign of insanity? Perhaps it is. Well, I welcome insanity. It seems to make life more fun. More interesting.
I just have a lot of speculation on this matter at the moment.
I forgot about Alexo for a long time, but the memory of this artificially created personality surfaced in my thoughts again just recently. I must seem incredibly silly.
Why did I create this person?
Was he supposed to go into a book? Will his character surface at some point in my life? What is his purpose to my mind?
Here I sit, speculating over a figment of my imagination.
What is my life?
Friends that don’t exist. Why?
Am I creating scenarios in my head so as not to endure through real life ones and face heartache? Is my brain a coward to the real world?
So many questions that lie without answers all as a result of someone who doesn’t even exist.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

-sigh of relief-

Well, this is odd.
I have ended my first year of high school. What a baffling concept.
I must have just gotten so used to being a Grade 8 that it seems surreal to be free from it now. It feels many years have passed since I first walked through the Grade 8 gate. I remember the shock of it all. Everything seemed big and confusing and unnatural. Now I can casually enter that gate without any of the nervousness I felt. Funny how much life changes.
I plan on doing something – just a little something- about 2011. It has been a turning point in my life in so many ways. 2011 has been the epicenter of the awesome that my life shall embrace. Also, epicenter has “epic” in it. I like that.
I know that Grade 8 is still a small grade to accomplish in high school, but it has been the beginning of high school, apparently the best years of one’s life.
I discovered so much in life and I was shown so much of the hidden awesome that I had been missing out on for so long due to being held hostage in a world that bred worldsuck.
Leaving my primary school was one of the best things that has happened to me for a long time. Sure, it may not have been a terrible school and I think I received a decent education there, but socially, I was in a nest of cruel hearted, disgusting excuses for human beings.
I don’t know what it was, but that school was a carrier of the mean disease. I am aware that saying “mean” seems puerile and odd, but that is plainly what they were.
I thank whatever great being that is potentially nonexistent for bestowing unto me the gift of freedom from the mean virus.

But now I move on.
My current school is wonderful. Sure, there are still mean people, but they are fewer and further between. They have no ability of spreading the mean virus. I have also found myself living in a small bubble-universe that sits on the outer edge of the main soul of my school in which I have marvelous adventures in the mind. My little world contains YouTube, Nerdfighters, Charlie McDonnell, all of my friends, the most awesome people I know, my amazing parents – without whom I could never have survived the world of hate I used to belong to – and much Doctor Who.

Umm, I lost my train of thought on this now so I’ll end it here.

Byeeee ^_^

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time to write a blog, it seems

So, I would give this post a proper title, with the intent on actually sticking to that topic, but I suffer from a little something called Popcorn Brain, and am unable to keep to a topic.

I return to school tomorrow to receive my report card. Then I am free.
The end of this year has been both feared and sought after.
I have so much I wish to do over the holidays and I can’t wait to get started.
I should also have red hair by Sunday, so that’s a thing.

I must go now.
It be late.
I be tired.


Okay, byeeeee

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Past

Have you ever looked back at things you wrote when you were younger?
Whenever I do, I can’t help but think how juvenile everything I said was.

I guess, it’s just how life goes.
When I read this in the future, I’ll wonder what was happening in my head. I will question my motives. I will marvel in a world of confusion at how weird I was.
Well, this is to you, me from the future.

I know what you’re probably thinking. I seem so silly. I have such a weak vocabulary in comparison to yourself. I am inexperienced in life and I seem… odd?
I can only hope that you are a Nerdfighter still. I don’t know how much you like Chameleon Circuit or Charlie now. You’ll probably read this a few times over the years and I’m sure you will be able to mark your way through life, watching yourself change and grow as an individual. I am interested in going that way, seeing that path. I wonder what I will be like at 16. Will I go to university? What will the life of 21 year old Sinead hold? Will I still have the friends I had at 14 when I am 25? What profession will I be in at 30? Will I have books published? What location will I occupy at 32? Where will I be living? Will I still have an interest in the internet? Or drawing? Writing? What if I spend the rest of my days doing menial tasks, wasting away in an office? Will I ever be a professional vlogger? Will I ever become so good at video making that I’ll earn money from it?
There are so many questions, but I prefer not to dwell in the past or future, but rather focus on the present. I can’t change the past and I don’t know what colour bricks lay my path for the future. So, let me enjoy the present.
Thank you.

This has changed from a letter to myself to a random jumble of questions about my future.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enter title? I don’t think so.

‎"He rips your head back. His teeth pierce your jugular. You bleed to death on the rock face."
Oh Nanalew.

So, I have the tumbls now. I can tumbl. Do the tumblr.

So, yeah. Yo! I mean yo!

Community service sucks.

Can this week end already?

I have zombie videos to make!

-slowly runs out of things to talk about-

Did you know? People with freckles can still be pale. They sunburn easily. It hurts.

Nerdfighter chat is odd.

Skype is odd.

“Life is hilariously useless” – Jethro Jones.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hatsune Miku

I am amazed.
Our world is changing in ways one would never even imagine.
That video is to what I am referring.

How can a singer -a pop star- be an anime character?
A series of lights are projected onto glass panels, creating an effect of 3 dimensionality.
How does she sing?
Her voice is created using electronically generated sounds, imitating voice and sound.
She is , in essence, a hologram.
I don’t fully grasp the concept of dancing around to a hologram. I think it fascinating, yes, but it is also incredibly terrifying. I can feel myself becoming obsolete, as one with an aspiration to entertain via music or literature. Robotics will take the lead in modern society and humans will just be the things that got them started, only to become the wastes or space, taking up their precious time and space.
What does the future of humanity hold?
Will we have any use in a 100 years time?
How great will the advances of robotics be by then?

I both adore and abhor this concept.

I am honestly one who enjoys anime and manga, but I don’t think that our musical entertainment should be taken by it. I would much rather listen to music created by the voicebox of a living, breathing human (though, not all of them) than anything generated by a computer.
Some music does work better if generated by electronics, like dubstep, for example. That, however is not anything that involves actual singing.
I also don’t think that people sound better when they auto-tune themselves. It is just fake and annoying. All I can think it, “That isn’t your voice. That is a computer.”

These are just some opinions about this matter from me.

Goodbye and DFTBA

Also, I’m trying to create trends on twitter. If you’re a Nerdfighter and you know about Nerdfighteria and stuff, add to:
Where be teh headHehe

Chair = Murder Weapon

Dear Stupid People Of The World,

This is coming to you from someone who actually thinks before they speak.
Don’t go around saying something and getting someone’s hopes up and then crush them like a burnt leaf to ash. Think about the consequences of your actions.
Also, don’t put that thing in your mouth. It may kill you.
You can’t do something and then just expect it to vanish when you wish so. You have a certain responsibility in life and you must be aware of it.
I am angry. If you’ve been stupid or thoughtless, I am angry at you. If you’ve done something big and important before thinking of the consequences, I am angry at you.
Also, if you’re not one for thinking, I will set the zombies on you and they shall devour your innards.
Or I will kill you with a tray. I will hack at your neck with the thin bits until the blood flows across the canteen floor.
Actually, death by chair seems best. Death by chair it shall be.
Please, go die in a hole if you are that ignorant and stupid that you mess with the lives of others either mentally or physically.

someone with a brain. (not to be eaten. Take theirs, they don’t use theirs anyway)

I apologise for the anger and violence witnessed in some segments of this post.
I was angry at one person in particular and the anger at the other stupid people rose to the top.
Dearest reader, that anger was not aimed at you.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fake Glasses Girl

The school term. It be over…
I return for one day next Friday to receive my report card and enjoy a day of spending money for a market day.
Also, don’t forget community service this coming week. That’s always a joy… right?

Hehe, I have a new message tone on my phone that makes me laugh.
Whenever I get a message from an angry Nimisha, this noise plays. I am supposed to feel sympathy for her for a story I shall elaborate on shortly, but when this noise plays, I just burst out laughing.
The story of her anger.
Fake glasses girl is her name. I don’t know her real name.
Nimisha went to school with her last year. She is still forced to see this girl very often.
Her name is Fake Glasses Girl because she spent R5000 on a pair of fake glasses to be a stupid poser freak. She also said that Charlie was gay. She is a constant torment on Nimisha’s life and tonight I was notified of Nimisha’s forced presence at this person’s party. And SMS from a distraught Nimisha read, “There are sluts all over the place… wearing fake glasses.” Pity her soul. 

Well, that’s a story about the mortal enemy of my friend. My poor, poor friend.