Sunday, November 27, 2011

What shall our topic be today?

I don’t ever really have one specific topic for anything, I realise.
This shall be no different.
Exams began. Some stress included.
I have a collab now. Collabs are cool.
(nothingcollab, if you’re interested.)
You are a melon.
I made a video. 
Click that thing to get to it.

I am a part of a very odd nerdfighter Skype group.
I bought this from DFTBA records today:

and these:

pfi_c6839e2e48c0054651153198a23353d4 pfi_a3a0857dc2973c6ee9846418aca69fe2

They must be rather happy with us. We spent $42. The perfect number. ^_^

Errm. Uhh. What else???

I have friends from all over the world now.
And a 16 year old girl from Sweden owns me, apparently.
I am also one of the Doctor’s children and I’m the sister of the Ungodly Deity.
I follow the Shrine of the Ungodly Deity.
I am part of the Pure Embodiment of Awesome group on Facebook.
I have made my first friend on Facebook that I’ve never met in real life.
She’s in my collab. ^_^

I gained a friendship with Wheezy Waiter on YouTube. That was cool(like).
I also have a Wall Of Stuff.
Uhh, what else?

I also emailed Charlie twice. Not some stalkery way, though. I suggested a video idea and I sent him a picture that Nimisha and I drew of Sons of Admirals. It’s really funny:

Oh, a new girl at our school, Lindsey, is American, knows about Charlie, is a Nerdfighter, is totally awesome, can draw and seems reall cool. She is now a friend.
I should make a post explaining my friends. It may take a while.
I made lots of friends.
Also, my blog/vlog about 2011 is going to be epic. This year was a fantastic turning point in my life. I am so incredibly glad that this year happened.


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