Saturday, November 12, 2011

About Me

They tell you to say something about yourself all over the internet. Well, on the awesomeness of Nerdfighters, this is me.

I am of the age 42 divided by 6 multiplied by 2.
I exist on both Gallifrey and in Nerdfighteria. I am also forced to occupy some space on Earth in which I partake in a common education system.
I will occasionally turn on a camera with hopes of creating a video blog, without much luck. I also do the written blog thing sometimes.
I don't really enjoy leaving my house, besides the mental way, by connecting with this world of awesome known as the internet, particularly YouTube and Nerdfighteria.
Despite going by the name zoemew (Zoe, an awesome name, but not my own, plus Mew, the sound of small felines and the 151st Pokemon), people in the physical world (that I still believe is all a computer generated dream) insist on referring to me as Sinead.
Also, I like using brackets and I find objects with which we scribble shapes known as words extraordinarily fascinating. Also, I get extremely annoyed with people who abuse the English language. if you pronounce the "t" in often, you lose many points, just so you know.
I won't make this too long, but congratulations to you if you've read this all through, instead of TL;DRing it. Thanks for that.
Now a sentence happens. Did you know that reading this only wastes time in your life that you could use on watching a YouTube video? It's a pleasure.

Well, there is a brief overview of zoemew as just written on Nerdfighters.

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