Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He’s the dead one, but he isn’t dead.

This heading is a line of pure brilliance from a story written by the 12 year old version of a close friend of mine, Claudia, in a book she attempted to write and is now attemting to remake it.

As nice as Summer is, I have some things I really don’t like about it:

  1. Ants
  2. Extreme heat
  3. Being unable to drink hot tea for fear of melting
  4. ANTS
  5. Other bugs
  6. Being unable to dress with long clothing for extended periods of time
  8. Not even the cold, fresh water stays cold for long
  9. Exams happen
  10. You are expected to visit friends more, meaning less internet time (oh wait, I don’t care)
  11. You guessed it, the ants.

Anything remotely sweet seeming becomes overloaded and now, in my annoyance, every little tickle I feel, I think there are ants covering my body. *shudder*

I am already not the biggest fan of bugs, but when it come to the ants, I kinda freak out.

Also, on the extreme heat thing. I live in South Africa, so it gets really hot. We are currently in the middle of a heat wave, making all the more uncomfortable. We are also in desperate need of rain. Please let it rain soon.

Okay, Summer rant over!
Back to the interesting things.

Did you know that I am a professional procrastinator?
I meant to tell you a month ago but never got round to saying so. Well, finally, I fought my procrastination and, firstly) I made a blog AND a vlog (coming soon) and secondly) I worked on studying for my upcoming exams that I am SO looking forward to.
(If you didn’t recognise the sarcasm in the previous statement, here is me pointing it out to you)

So, yeah.

I won’t make this too long for your sake –ohmygodthere’sabugonmyshoulder!!
It’s okay, I flicked it off, but I think it was biting me.

I was not made for this continent.


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