Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He’s the dead one, but he isn’t dead.

This heading is a line of pure brilliance from a story written by the 12 year old version of a close friend of mine, Claudia, in a book she attempted to write and is now attemting to remake it.

As nice as Summer is, I have some things I really don’t like about it:

  1. Ants
  2. Extreme heat
  3. Being unable to drink hot tea for fear of melting
  4. ANTS
  5. Other bugs
  6. Being unable to dress with long clothing for extended periods of time
  8. Not even the cold, fresh water stays cold for long
  9. Exams happen
  10. You are expected to visit friends more, meaning less internet time (oh wait, I don’t care)
  11. You guessed it, the ants.

Anything remotely sweet seeming becomes overloaded and now, in my annoyance, every little tickle I feel, I think there are ants covering my body. *shudder*

I am already not the biggest fan of bugs, but when it come to the ants, I kinda freak out.

Also, on the extreme heat thing. I live in South Africa, so it gets really hot. We are currently in the middle of a heat wave, making all the more uncomfortable. We are also in desperate need of rain. Please let it rain soon.

Okay, Summer rant over!
Back to the interesting things.

Did you know that I am a professional procrastinator?
I meant to tell you a month ago but never got round to saying so. Well, finally, I fought my procrastination and, firstly) I made a blog AND a vlog (coming soon) and secondly) I worked on studying for my upcoming exams that I am SO looking forward to.
(If you didn’t recognise the sarcasm in the previous statement, here is me pointing it out to you)

So, yeah.

I won’t make this too long for your sake –ohmygodthere’sabugonmyshoulder!!
It’s okay, I flicked it off, but I think it was biting me.

I was not made for this continent.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have something enlightening to think about

“As I type this, I grow closer to death. We constantly run along this thin, short path that is life. I must question this as I write, however, as we are constantly fixated on what is to come. The end. The darkness. The final moment. We unfortunately lose the thought of the middle, the highlight that has yet to come… living. The life that has yet to be lived. A thousand laughs to be shared. A thousand tears to be shed. A thousand thoughts to be construed. And so many heartbeats.
I refuse to give in to the overbearing, looming destiny we all have to endure through. I shall rather experience the full potential life has to give to me. This opportunity, this advantage, this gift. This life is not a given right, as said before. I have no superiority because of my life. I should use it with care and cherish every waking moment. I need to see what I should see and experience all the joys, pleasures and excitements that life has to offer and I shall never turn away a life-changing opportunity because of someone else. I believe that the universe has its own cryptic ways of communicating its lessons to us. They may be truly awful and may take great periods of time to understand and reach, but I’m still young and I’m sure I’ll learn what I must in due time.
I have so many seconds to live. I have so many moments to experience. They may appear negative or embarrassing or saddening, but, over time, all lingering negativity will fade and I will be revealed to have had a fairly good life. May the odds always be in my favour through everything I have to still experience. I have so much life left to live before the inevitable end, but I am not afraid.
So many years, so many tears, so much love and so much to love. Let me dance my way through life with grace and beauty and may I come out the other side mostly unscathed, but let me have some battle wounds to share with the next generation.
This isn’t the end, or even the beginning of the end. It is merely the beginning of the adventure of life. “

I just thought I should share some of my thoughts on life with you.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I now think in portals.

Okay, so I did actually go to Rage, so that was nice.
I did not, however, find Portal 2 though. I, instead, found it at a Look & Listen at Hyde Park.
I have been playing it constantly since I bought it on Saturday.
I had a party of a friend to attend before I could play any Portal so, naturally, I wished the party to end every second it persisted in lasting. We just sat there and watched Red for the entirety of the thing and I was lucky enough for my lovely, game enjoying parents to collect me 15 minutes early. Hooray for me then.
And as the title of this post says, I now think in portals. Portals even appeared in my strange dreams last night. I don’t remember much but I do remember a bit about Charlie, so that was nice.
On the topic of Charlie, I’m actually writing this post because of my brains persistence of filtering said British vlogger into my every waking thought. I think my head is saying, “Insert Charlie into ALL the thoughts” as is the internet meme.
I am in disbelief at how my life has changed so drastically between June and now. Though it is a rather long period of time to the close minded, it’s actually really short. My entire life has changed. My tastes in music have changed. My friends have changed. My internet life has expanded so dramatically. Additionally, many of my thoughts are occupied by one of the oddest things me from a year ago would perceive it as. A boy. Particularly, a boy who I have never actually met IRL. Charlie. *sigh*
How have I come to a state in my life in which I spend nearly every waking moment thinking about a person I’ve never actually met. It’s worse than a celebrity crush because he’s not overly famous. He is simply a 21 year old (as of Saturday) with a camera and some truly groovy ideas (littleradge would be proud).
Aside from the fact that I’ve formed a crush on a near-stranger, my views on life have changed recently. For example, glasses. I wanted contact lenses before because I didn’t really want to wear glasses because I thought I looked bad in them. And I never would have considered nerdy glasses. But after joining Nerfighters I have realised the pure awesomeness that sits behind those glass plates enshrouded in plastic or metal.
Another example, I felt so much more inspired in life after finding the phrase DFTBA. I never thought about how important it is to just simply be awesome. So don’t ever, ever, ever forget to be awesome. That’s why I wear in on my wrist. See it here:
So, really, I have to say a few thanks.
Thanks to the vlogbrothers. Without them, my life would be empty and I would never have found the pure pride in nerdyness that I now have.

Thank you to Charlie for giving me so many laughs and much learningness in your Fun Science videos. Also, thanks for giving me Chameleon Circuit. I would have no musical interest without it.

Thanks to Chameleon Circuit in general, for producing the most awesome music on the planet!

And yes, I am just linking a bunch of Youtubers, but without the Youtube, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as I am. I also don’t think I’d be the same person as I am without the Youtube.

I think I generally have to thank the BBC and all the creators of Doctor Who for all of the above, though.
I mean, I found Charlie because of his video about Fish Custard. I found the vlogbrothers because KristinDotCom mentioned DFTBA in one of her videos causing me to search it and find the Nerdfighters. So basically, thanks KristinDotCom. Thanks for nearly my entire life. And I found her because of a Sims 3/ Doctor Who video she made that included Chameleon Circuit, leading me to watch the rest of her vids. Wow, that’s quite a trail. 

So, basically, Doctor Who gave me my life. Funny how it all links back to Doctor Who, isn’t it?

And that must be the end now.
f you read all of that, congratulations. I’m not even ever going to read that, so really, congratulations if you did. If you didn’t, I won’t hold it against you.