Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picture time!

Hi, I haven’t posted in a little while.
This post is coming in a written part and some pictures will follow.
Firstly, I’m sick. I’ve been coughing and my lungs are sore.
Secondly, I am getting a proper ukulele soon which makes me a happy cat.
Thirdly, today is Doctor Who Saturday, which makes me an even happier cat.
I have decided on several things as well recently.
For example, my hair colour over December. This red that belonged to Charlieissocoollike:
charlie's hairIt’s such an awesome colour.
Another decision is this: I want to play the game Portal 2. It looks awesome. Time to start looking for it.
More decisions, ah! I’m glad that we’re moving to Germany now. (Oh by the way, we’re moving to Germany) The motivation for this is that I’ll be closer to the UK and I’ll be able to find more Whovians and Nerdfighters.
Okay, enough decisions for today. More random happy items and stuff.
Have I mentioned that Chameleon Circuit is AWESOME??? Well, they are!
In other news, I found a Star Wars LEGO book yesterday at the local bookshop. It has LEGO blocks in it and you can build a little Clone Wars era clone and a battle droid and some cute little spaceships and tanks. I have built 2 of them.
100_0076Here they are among my Doctor Who and my drawing books and stuff.
I also took a little collection of photographs with my new camera, so here they are:
100_0081100_0089100_0091100_0092100_0093100_0094100_0107100_0112100_0113100_0114100_0117100_0120100_0122100_0130100_0168100_0170100_0171Yes, it’s all very random, just like me.

So I think that concludes today’s blog post. I hope to soon have vlogs as well.

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