Thursday, September 29, 2011

It’s almost over!

September. Doctor Who. School term. Charlie’s year of 20.

I need to still finish my birthday video for him. Ahh. He’s 21 on the 1st of October.

I’m currently reading this thing:
hunger games 
The Hunger Games is a great page turner that I have not been able to put down since I began it yesterday. Despite the slight disturbing post apocalyptic atmosphere in which teenagers are pressured to participate in a game in which they must kill each other on national television, it is thrilling and brilliant. I will definitely continue the trilogy.

Yet another day of absence for me as I am ill.

I am sitting at the edge of my metaphorical seat in desperation for the finale episode of Doctor Who coming this Saturday.
Gosh, Saturday is going to be such a busy day for me.
I have to get my passport really early in the morning from the home affairs office. Then I’m going to Rage, a video games and computer convention for which I am extremely excited. Then I shall attend the joint birthday party of two friends from school. I also need to post my birthday video for Charlieissocoollike. I would also like to see some of the live streaming from StickAid to see Charlie live. Then I still need to see Doctor Who somewhere in that busy schedule.

Now to watch a large amount of Youtube videos just to finish off my day. I have recently found wheezywaiter and have become hooked on his comedy. So fascinating.

And another thing, I fecently forgot how to spell decision. That is the brilliance of my friends and I.

Aah! Another thing! Over this 10 day holiday I have to make a poster about war and because I’m such a nerd, I’m doing my project on the war against the Doctor.


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