Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Mrs. Paper Cat.

So, I seem to be bored.
Or I’ve had a massive intake of sugar.
I think it’s both.
Just look at what I have posted to Facebook recently.
“Don't you think the tissue is making sense, Mr. Ukulele mug? Paint and highlighters are such pretty flavours.”
“‎80% on a cycle test. The kettle fairies will be proud. Stormaggedon and the art gallery are in much agreement on the creation of purple. Why, thank you Mr. Circle-Box.”

Ginger or red???

Medicine is funny. It sings funny pencils about cat mugs and eating cupboards. Pencils are friends, not food.
Smile, smile smile…
Hello! It’s Miss Paperclip! She says the rain is very dry today. Don’t you agree?
No, that is not a worm on my pencil. It’s a pencil on my worm.

Let’s go outside and think in the box, shall we?

And that concludes a short session of my insanity.
Will this week ever end? Will x fall in love with y? Stay tuned till next time to find out all about our drastic tales.

On a side note, I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to Doctor Who on Saturday because we finally know whether the Doctor dies or not.
Saturday, why are you so evasive?
I still need to make Charlie’s birthday video.


Ok, so as not to bore you (ha!), I’ll say goodbye now since I could carry on all night.

DFTBA    (or as Nimisha says BDTFA)

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