Friday, September 30, 2011

Destroy ALL the things!

I hate technology.

I just finished a whole hour to two hours of work on my latest vlog, wishing Charlie a happy birthday when Movie Maker decided to crash and obliterate all my work. All that video recording was for nothing now because I refuse to restart that now. The camerawork done by a friend of mine was already bad and the sound cut off the end of what people were saying and my own beginning part was really bad. It’s dark and I’m too quiet.

Additionally, to worsen my mood, I feel as though I’m coughing up a lung. This is worrying my parents, nearly preventing me from going to the thing I’ve been looking forward to all of September. Rage. Games, consoles, tech, computery stuff, nerd stuff. Awesomeness in one, basically. And now my chance of going have been slimmed.

The rest of my day was actually quite pleasant. It’s break-up day for all the governmental South African schools, so I have a week to chill now. Then it’s fourth term, in which I have finals, lots of work and much upsetness in general.
Because of break-up day, I went home with Giulia and we began watching Across The Universe, which was interesting. Oh, and she wants me to marry her 12 year old brother, an occurrence that will never happen. She’s so weird.

Tomorrow is Doctor Who!

This week is never-ending. I can’t even remember when Monday happened.

Now to go read the Hunger Games and hold a terrible grudge on everything again.




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