Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look out for the bleh bleh bleh!

Yeah, that’s from Charlie the Unicorn, a current crazy internet craze of mine.
The full intent of this post was not, in fact, for the confusion of my readers. I was however intent on expressing a poem I recently wrote for school. We are working on personification.
The Moon.
I feel like a feather
While I swim up in space.
I express my emotions
as I cry out my light.

I love the attention,
as people gaze at my pale, freckled face.
I love the appreciation,
for my white-blonde waves of bright hair.

I am loyal to Earth,
so I follow it around,
wherever it takes me,
I stay by its side.

We ski between planets,
and up through the sky,
we go all places together,
I feel drawn to Earth.

I feel so powerful,
standing in the sky
bending in the heavens,
causing oceans to collide.

I am the moon,
so great and bright,
a shiny white marble,
illuminating the sky.

I fly in orbit,
across the blue,
I replace the sun,
as I chase down the night.

I am the moon.


So, yeah, that was the moon, in all her glory. In a poem.
I am feeling sad this week. My parents are in Germany for this week and next. I miss them.

I also still have 24 days to wait until I can cheer myself up with some of the best: Doctor Who.
That’s sad.

That’s it, I guess.

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