Tuesday, August 9, 2011

<insert cat here>

I have 18 days to wait until Doctor Who returns to my screen and this will create a very happy Sinead.
I have only 3 days, however, to wait until I can see my parents again after their trip to Germany.
I have realised why August sucks.
-We have school projects.
-You wait for lots of stuff. It's like this month is just there to fill time and make you wait.
-Its still too cold to go out, but it gets too warm to stay indoors all the time.
-The winter flu still sticks around.   
-Its windy.
-Summer is still just around the corner.
-Its either too dry or it rains so much, you’re swimming.

As you may have gathered, I don’t really like August.

So I have now decided I shall also start vlogging (video blogging), but I need a proper camera first.
I have also decided I want a ukulele and I will learn how to play my first musical instrument,
I have ALSO decided I shall be dyeing my hair over the December holidays. I just have to think about what colour. I’m trying to decide between ginger and blood-red.
Ginger because it works with my freckles, and blood-red because it’s cool.

I think that’s it.

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