Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Sleep. Need. Uh. School. Late. WHY?
As you can tell I am slightly (just extremely very) tired and have had little sleep recently. I guess I should be asleep right now but I wanted to make this post first. Then I’ll go sleep.

I started my third term of school, Grade 8, yesterday and I feel this week has been excruciatingly SLOW. I feel a week has passed yet has only been two days. The universe doesn’t like me. To make matters worse, because of how out school works, the Grade 8’s and 9’s have half a year of French and half a year of Zulu (an African language I have never learnt/spoken before). I am now on the latter. I learnt some phrases yesterday, but I I can’t, for the life of me, remember how they went. I am not supposed to be forced into learning a language like this. I will rather choose a language I want to speak and learn it by myself, like I’m doing with sign language. I have actually gotten pretty far with sign language, for a hearing person who has only done about an hour or two of learning.
Another downer of this week is that, to make up for two missed days of school, we have to end at 3:10 PM instead of 2:15 PM as usual. This is a whole other lesson of the day. I have to go through 11 more days of this. I don’t see I’m going to like it very much. Ugh!
Another downer. My parents leave for Germany next Friday, leaving me parentless for 2 weeks. At least I have my grandfather to look after me.
This week so far has also seemed to be quite bad for other people as well. Our car wouldn’t start this afternoon when my parents left work to fetch me from school, a family friend’s 2 month old kitten died suddenly of liver failure, everyone’s exhausted, it just isn’t a good week. I wonder who’s broken a mirror recently.
Oh, an d all my muscles are sore after ice-skating with J and friends for her birthday on Saturday. My knee also hurts as I fell quite bad on the ice. Ouch.

Okay, before I pass out on my laptop, I’m going to sleep.

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