Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sims 3

Another favourite of mine.
This is a simulated reality game in which one controls one or many members of a family/household in their general daily activities. This is the third version of the game, with better graphics and more available to be done than the first two versions.
Each sim (simulated being) has a plumbob above their head, indicating they are the selected character and the plumbob is the game’s general logo.
Here is a plumbob:
Here is a screenshot from the game:
Here is the CD cover:

Now, I am currently playing the console (Xbox 360) version because my computer can’t play it without glitching and dying out on me, so I am stuck with the console one.
It is rather different to the PC one but it’ll have to do.
Currently, I am playing a family of blue twin sisters and the daughter of one ( father is random) while the other twin is currently pregnant. And, yes, I did say they are blue. Haha. My father thinks I am mad for not using any money cheats on this game since I am fighting with having only about 10 thousand Simoleons (the sim currency) and I do think it is quite ridiculous trying to survive with a maximum of 10 grand. I don’t know how they survive.
In general, the sims live generally normal lives, just like humans, but some truly absurd things can happen to them, for example, they get ghosts.
Despite the original game, there are also expansion packs available with more possibilities and opportunities like travel:
and stuff:
and upcoming pets:                      (coming soon)
and some more stuff that are hard to categorise:

And yeah, I think that’s that.


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