Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, hi there, this is a blog post, as you know.

Yeah, not much to say really. I have done just about nothing in the past few days that can be mentioned with any interest.
Basically, school, work and stuff, get angry with humans, express love for cats and laugh with certain friends.
Oh, and get upset about having Zulu twice in one week, a subject I currently despise at school as I have never spoken a word of it in my life before. Oh, and we now have to act out some stupid skit for this subject, despite the painfully obvious fact that it doesn’t even count towards our grades. At all! Now the teacher wants us to do some whacked up “professional” acting thingy-ma-bobby for a subject that will in NO way benefit our school careers.
I am only getting out of this okay because the other three of five members of my group already speak the language.
More on the projects topic. We have to do a stop-motion animation music video for a song of our choice. Working with N, we have chosen aforementioned the Sweet Dream (are made of this)  Emily Browning cover for the most underrated movie ever, Sucker Punch.
I think that will be a fun project.
I was supposed to get an early night tonight. Oh well, so much for that.
I am quite tired though.
Um, thinking, thinking, thinking. What was I gonna say.
Oh, yeah. I think I mentioned this before in previous posts, but my friend Claudia and I have decided to create a geeky and AWESOME T-shirt brand called G-SiC. or just SiC. This being a play on the beginning letters of our names, “Si” from Sinead and “C” from Claudia (pronounced Cloud – ia [I had to include that]). Oh, and the G is from our very artistic friend (much like ourselves) Giulia (pronounced like Julia, to those unsure of her name) who would help with some designs for T-shirts. We are also gaining ideas from N who has come up with the whackest stuff. For example, she says, “Sucker Punch is awesome because I dream of Pac-Man ( a mix up of some of her FB statuses). Also, while playing hangman (I know, random) we had some letters on the side being NSM, and I said they looked like direction, like SSW or something. She then proceeded to exclaim, “It’s North-South-Monkey!”. I nearly died laughing. We had some other hang-man inspirations like, “Ear My Fry" (Its a long and complicated story regarding reading set-work for English) and “Pucker Sunch and Woctor Do” (Sucker Punch and Doctor Who!). We also have one that kills us every time. She gets Capri-Sun juice thingies (for lack of a better word) and on the front it says, “For Active Kids” and then a bit lower it says, “Orange and other fruits”, but my mind went ballistic and read, “For Active Kids and other fruits” leading to the question of, “How Are They Linked???”, but that is just the vocal point o the hilarity of the whole conundrum, despite it’s lack of even being a conundrum (dunno why I said that in the first place) (and yes, this is a strange tangent I’m going on, isn’t it). After reading my previous in-bracket comments I think of how I should make foot-notes in books, which leads my memory on a trail including N, where I mentioned the foot-noted in the book I’m reading (Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman). My mind goes on the weirdest tangents, I know. But, back to the whole “Active kids and other fruits” (hahaha) thing, I then think of a newer rendition of it. “For active fruits and other kids”, because that just throws all sense of sanity out the brick wall, because windows are too mainsteam, as Hipster Kitty says (if you don’t know what that is, Google it!)
Aw, I just lost the game, and this whole post was meant to be a distraction. If you don’t know what that is, Google that as well, or don’t, for some mental stability and reassuring sanity.
And, yes, this IS what you get when I say there isn’t much to say, at 1:25 AM.
My poor spellcheck feels so helpless today, with all the weird words I have invented here. (Also, SHAME ON YOU, SPELLCHECK, for not knowing the surnames Pratchett and Gaiman!)
I shall now type really fast:
and that is what you get from that!
Ain’t it a masterpiece.
Woo, that was fun!
Despite all my crazy typings, and I know that isn’t a word, but whatever, I haven’t even gone onto all the stuff I found on StumbleUpon. My internet life is SO busy! But it isn’t really.
Argh, why are computers SO SLOW???????????????????
I now have one of my parent’s metal songs stuck in my head. Isn’t it weird that the parents love metal and the teenager doesn’t. Well, that’s just my family.
I now have a fringe and it looks kinda anime, which is AWESOME.
Also, on the topic of awesome, I was on Youtube, and as I mentioned before a person did a Doctor Who, Sims 3, Chameleon Circuit mix, that person is a Norwegian girl who I found the whole Nerdfighters from. And the urban dictionary definition of Nerdfighters is, “People who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome.” and I like that.
So I am now a Nerdfighter. Oh, btw, they were invented (is that the word? Maybe founded? No, I don’t know! WHY IS THIS SO CONFUSING???!!! created? started? Okay, well, anyway) by the vlogbrothers on Youtube and the nerdfighters website address is and anyone can join, isn’t that awesome. You just have to be awesome, and believe you are awesome (which you should anyway) to join.
Damn, I just lost the game again!
Okay, you are probably tired of reading now or you just TLDR’d this post.
I should probably end this off now.
Bye then

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