Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laughing, disbelief and life in general

Lets start with the laughing part.
My friend N visited, although I may have already mentioned that. I was invited to my seemingly distant younger (sister-like) friend J’s birthday party, which came as a surprise to me as I haven’t received an invitation from her to this special occasion in quite a few years. So, yes, I am going ice skating at who-knows-where on Saturday. I can prepare myself for pain and wet jeans.
I am also going to South Africa’s version of comic-con on Saturday, called ICON. I think that could be kinda fun, and I’m hoping to find something Doctor Who related.
I am also trying out drawing a picture from my new favourite movie Sucker Punch, which is AWESOME, by the way. I will post the picture when finished.
This is the picture I am drawing from:
Babydoll Sucker Punch(In grayscale to get all the shading right)
Oh, and the “Life of Zoe” think has been shortened down to Zoe, but I have my doubs about it happening at all. Hmm…
Some more stuff to make me laugh recently, I found some vids on Youtube called the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, and the name just about explains it. Basically, two Scottish guys animate cute little sketches and songs with sock puppets. I found it through the Doctor Who fan page on FB.
And now for the disbelief, I’ll start light.
Why in the name of TARDIS are they making an ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE????????
I know, right? SERIOUSLY? A movie for some stupid, pointless application for Smartphones? SERIOUSLY? Where will any storyline come from THAT? All that EVER happens is you throw birds at pigs! But, it has been confirmed, a full film time animated movie will be shown to our poor, unsuspecting planet. Why on Gallifrey would they waste precious time and money on animating THAT, when they could put it to something with more purpose, and awesomeness, like Doctor Who, or improving Torchwood (by removing America). I really don’t believe these people. Seriously?
Our planet is insane.
So, as you may have gathered, I am in disbelief at the general population of our planet. It would seem that I am also disbelieving towards much of my generation, seeing the stuff they watch, the music they listen to and all the things they do.
But I shan’t elaborate further.

Oh, and I tried to paint little Union Jacks on my mails in nail polish. It turns out, it’s harder than it seems.

Mmm, tea. I love tea. It’s so soothing and relaxing. And warm for winter chills.

I think that’s the end now.


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