Friday, July 8, 2011


I have recently come to realise I have potential to grow into a crazy cat lady. I have always been absolutely in love with our adorable feline friends and I have noticed recently how much I like cats in comparison to others.
You see, certain friends of mine say they love cats, but they just love them for the cuteness, and they will squeal with delight at the sight of a cat or kitten.
I, however, feel I have certain characteristics in my personality that resemble that of a cat. For example, I am rather independent and will try to rely on no-one, just like cats. Sure, I like when people spend time with me, or maybe relaxing for some time, while someone looks after me, but I am generally quite independent. I also seem to shroud many of my emotions and feelings from others, until I really get to know them. I think they then feel as though I don’t want any sort of relationship with them, when I am actually just trying to build up trust, so I don’t get hurt. It is really just a defence mechanism. I also seem to get lost in my mind often and so I often appear distant and as though I repel any sort of deep conversations, but I am really just lost in my thoughts. I often see cats doing the same, gazing into space, often seeming unkind showing a face lost in thought. Of course, they may attack if their thoughts are disturbed, but wouldn’t anyone?
So, I have cat characteristics.
I guess, I can blame it on living with cats since I was a baby. I have had many cats in my life and I currently reside with a mildly insane, large, black and white Frank and a small, also seemingly insane, black and white Cleo.
cellphonepictures 003Mad Frank
Photo0033Old Miss Cleo (she’s twelve in human years!)

We also have another pet in our odd family. This one is quite different to the other two

IMAG0006The Dude – he has grown a considerable amount since this picture was taken. He is now bigger than my hand!

Okay, now you’ve seen my pets, I must depart as I am awaiting the arrival of a friend, due to be here any minute now.

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