Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sucker Punch is awesome because I dream of pac-man

(^ N reference)

I have much sad in me today.
Parents are in Germany and this is the beginning of a two week period of sad, sad and more sad.

I don’t think I shall be saying much today.

That’s about it.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why do we wait so long???

Okay, the wait needs to end now.
I am having serious Doctor Who withdrawals.
I even had a dream about it the other night.
Please, someone make this wait END ALREADY!
My weeks feel incomplete without the Doctor on my screens and I have out-watched my season 5 DVD already. This is truly AWFUL!
*exasperated sigh of suspense*
(Oh wow, I just had a serious moment of Deja Vu, that was WEIRD)
Oh, damn, I just lost the game!
Okay, it’s noon on a Sunday and it’s sunny, I should be outside now.

Oh, hi there, this is a blog post, as you know.

Yeah, not much to say really. I have done just about nothing in the past few days that can be mentioned with any interest.
Basically, school, work and stuff, get angry with humans, express love for cats and laugh with certain friends.
Oh, and get upset about having Zulu twice in one week, a subject I currently despise at school as I have never spoken a word of it in my life before. Oh, and we now have to act out some stupid skit for this subject, despite the painfully obvious fact that it doesn’t even count towards our grades. At all! Now the teacher wants us to do some whacked up “professional” acting thingy-ma-bobby for a subject that will in NO way benefit our school careers.
I am only getting out of this okay because the other three of five members of my group already speak the language.
More on the projects topic. We have to do a stop-motion animation music video for a song of our choice. Working with N, we have chosen aforementioned the Sweet Dream (are made of this)  Emily Browning cover for the most underrated movie ever, Sucker Punch.
I think that will be a fun project.
I was supposed to get an early night tonight. Oh well, so much for that.
I am quite tired though.
Um, thinking, thinking, thinking. What was I gonna say.
Oh, yeah. I think I mentioned this before in previous posts, but my friend Claudia and I have decided to create a geeky and AWESOME T-shirt brand called G-SiC. or just SiC. This being a play on the beginning letters of our names, “Si” from Sinead and “C” from Claudia (pronounced Cloud – ia [I had to include that]). Oh, and the G is from our very artistic friend (much like ourselves) Giulia (pronounced like Julia, to those unsure of her name) who would help with some designs for T-shirts. We are also gaining ideas from N who has come up with the whackest stuff. For example, she says, “Sucker Punch is awesome because I dream of Pac-Man ( a mix up of some of her FB statuses). Also, while playing hangman (I know, random) we had some letters on the side being NSM, and I said they looked like direction, like SSW or something. She then proceeded to exclaim, “It’s North-South-Monkey!”. I nearly died laughing. We had some other hang-man inspirations like, “Ear My Fry" (Its a long and complicated story regarding reading set-work for English) and “Pucker Sunch and Woctor Do” (Sucker Punch and Doctor Who!). We also have one that kills us every time. She gets Capri-Sun juice thingies (for lack of a better word) and on the front it says, “For Active Kids” and then a bit lower it says, “Orange and other fruits”, but my mind went ballistic and read, “For Active Kids and other fruits” leading to the question of, “How Are They Linked???”, but that is just the vocal point o the hilarity of the whole conundrum, despite it’s lack of even being a conundrum (dunno why I said that in the first place) (and yes, this is a strange tangent I’m going on, isn’t it). After reading my previous in-bracket comments I think of how I should make foot-notes in books, which leads my memory on a trail including N, where I mentioned the foot-noted in the book I’m reading (Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman). My mind goes on the weirdest tangents, I know. But, back to the whole “Active kids and other fruits” (hahaha) thing, I then think of a newer rendition of it. “For active fruits and other kids”, because that just throws all sense of sanity out the brick wall, because windows are too mainsteam, as Hipster Kitty says (if you don’t know what that is, Google it!)
Aw, I just lost the game, and this whole post was meant to be a distraction. If you don’t know what that is, Google that as well, or don’t, for some mental stability and reassuring sanity.
And, yes, this IS what you get when I say there isn’t much to say, at 1:25 AM.
My poor spellcheck feels so helpless today, with all the weird words I have invented here. (Also, SHAME ON YOU, SPELLCHECK, for not knowing the surnames Pratchett and Gaiman!)
I shall now type really fast:
and that is what you get from that!
Ain’t it a masterpiece.
Woo, that was fun!
Despite all my crazy typings, and I know that isn’t a word, but whatever, I haven’t even gone onto all the stuff I found on StumbleUpon. My internet life is SO busy! But it isn’t really.
Argh, why are computers SO SLOW???????????????????
I now have one of my parent’s metal songs stuck in my head. Isn’t it weird that the parents love metal and the teenager doesn’t. Well, that’s just my family.
I now have a fringe and it looks kinda anime, which is AWESOME.
Also, on the topic of awesome, I was on Youtube, and as I mentioned before a person did a Doctor Who, Sims 3, Chameleon Circuit mix, that person is a Norwegian girl who I found the whole Nerdfighters from. And the urban dictionary definition of Nerdfighters is, “People who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome.” and I like that.
So I am now a Nerdfighter. Oh, btw, they were invented (is that the word? Maybe founded? No, I don’t know! WHY IS THIS SO CONFUSING???!!! created? started? Okay, well, anyway) by the vlogbrothers on Youtube and the nerdfighters website address is and anyone can join, isn’t that awesome. You just have to be awesome, and believe you are awesome (which you should anyway) to join.
Damn, I just lost the game again!
Okay, you are probably tired of reading now or you just TLDR’d this post.
I should probably end this off now.
Bye then

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

<insert witty title here>

Sleep. Need. Uh. School. Late. WHY?
As you can tell I am slightly (just extremely very) tired and have had little sleep recently. I guess I should be asleep right now but I wanted to make this post first. Then I’ll go sleep.

I started my third term of school, Grade 8, yesterday and I feel this week has been excruciatingly SLOW. I feel a week has passed yet has only been two days. The universe doesn’t like me. To make matters worse, because of how out school works, the Grade 8’s and 9’s have half a year of French and half a year of Zulu (an African language I have never learnt/spoken before). I am now on the latter. I learnt some phrases yesterday, but I I can’t, for the life of me, remember how they went. I am not supposed to be forced into learning a language like this. I will rather choose a language I want to speak and learn it by myself, like I’m doing with sign language. I have actually gotten pretty far with sign language, for a hearing person who has only done about an hour or two of learning.
Another downer of this week is that, to make up for two missed days of school, we have to end at 3:10 PM instead of 2:15 PM as usual. This is a whole other lesson of the day. I have to go through 11 more days of this. I don’t see I’m going to like it very much. Ugh!
Another downer. My parents leave for Germany next Friday, leaving me parentless for 2 weeks. At least I have my grandfather to look after me.
This week so far has also seemed to be quite bad for other people as well. Our car wouldn’t start this afternoon when my parents left work to fetch me from school, a family friend’s 2 month old kitten died suddenly of liver failure, everyone’s exhausted, it just isn’t a good week. I wonder who’s broken a mirror recently.
Oh, an d all my muscles are sore after ice-skating with J and friends for her birthday on Saturday. My knee also hurts as I fell quite bad on the ice. Ouch.

Okay, before I pass out on my laptop, I’m going to sleep.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time Travel and Stuff

I have recently been thinking about time travel. Of course this all corresponds to that brilliant thing I love so much, Doctor Who. I think, if we had to travel in time, we would alter the events of everything, even by just standing in a certain place or looking at a rock, or something. There is no way to escape changing the past, no matter how hard you try. Say, you go back to the time of horse-drawn carriages and cobblestones and stuff and you kick a rock across the street, you could have just moved a rock that tripped a horse, thus causing a fatal accident to whoever was inside. So, if that all happens by kicking a little rock, think about something more, like killing someone who wasn’t supposed to die (like the whole example of killing Hitler as a child). There is also a paradox linked to that. If you don’t know what paradoxes are, look it up or get an example here. The Grandfather Paradox is its name. Basically, if you had to travel in time and kill your grandfather (I really don’t know why you’re killing your grandpa anyway, but lets say you do) before your mum or dad was born, your whole time stream is erased, thus erasing you from history. Unfortunately, and this is where it gets confusing and extremely complicated, with your time stream being erased, you couldn’t have existed to kill your grandad in the first place. This means he now hasn’t died, leaving you time stream available to exist again. THIS means you have the ability to kill him again (well, not again, but in the first place), starting the WHOLE cycle over again. He dies, you don’t exist, he can’t have died, you live, he dies. I know, CONFUSING. There are other paradoxes with time travel as well, but I can’t remember them right now. I’m tired, OKAY? Look them up!

Ok, now I have gone on a nice long tangent about time travel for you to mull over, I shall move to the boring stuff. Oh, wait, I can’t actually think of anything boring right now.
I shall now give a quote from Doctor Who:
“Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap—if you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow—there's one thing you never ever put in a trap.
Me.” –The Doctor Season 5 Episode 4 Time of Angels.
Epic quote.
And there is an epic song that goes with that epic man.
I am the Doctor – Murray Gold.
Search it.

So, this blog post has taken 13 hours to write due to a power failure at about 3:30 AM in which I had to shut down my laptop. It was awful. I was like, “Um, hello, I’m still busy writing here!! I need the internet! Ugh!”

Today, having woken up at about 12:00AM, I got very little done. I did, however, manage to make a birthday card for my young friend, J, who has been mentioned before.
I also started working on the stencil for my TARDIS canvas which will look a bit like this:
Photo0053This is my Raygun Robyn messenger bag birthday present.
I think that’s it for now
Oh, besides the nearly finished picture I’m working on. Babydoll from Sucker Punch. She just needs the rest of the background, an arm and a face.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laughing, disbelief and life in general

Lets start with the laughing part.
My friend N visited, although I may have already mentioned that. I was invited to my seemingly distant younger (sister-like) friend J’s birthday party, which came as a surprise to me as I haven’t received an invitation from her to this special occasion in quite a few years. So, yes, I am going ice skating at who-knows-where on Saturday. I can prepare myself for pain and wet jeans.
I am also going to South Africa’s version of comic-con on Saturday, called ICON. I think that could be kinda fun, and I’m hoping to find something Doctor Who related.
I am also trying out drawing a picture from my new favourite movie Sucker Punch, which is AWESOME, by the way. I will post the picture when finished.
This is the picture I am drawing from:
Babydoll Sucker Punch(In grayscale to get all the shading right)
Oh, and the “Life of Zoe” think has been shortened down to Zoe, but I have my doubs about it happening at all. Hmm…
Some more stuff to make me laugh recently, I found some vids on Youtube called the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, and the name just about explains it. Basically, two Scottish guys animate cute little sketches and songs with sock puppets. I found it through the Doctor Who fan page on FB.
And now for the disbelief, I’ll start light.
Why in the name of TARDIS are they making an ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE????????
I know, right? SERIOUSLY? A movie for some stupid, pointless application for Smartphones? SERIOUSLY? Where will any storyline come from THAT? All that EVER happens is you throw birds at pigs! But, it has been confirmed, a full film time animated movie will be shown to our poor, unsuspecting planet. Why on Gallifrey would they waste precious time and money on animating THAT, when they could put it to something with more purpose, and awesomeness, like Doctor Who, or improving Torchwood (by removing America). I really don’t believe these people. Seriously?
Our planet is insane.
So, as you may have gathered, I am in disbelief at the general population of our planet. It would seem that I am also disbelieving towards much of my generation, seeing the stuff they watch, the music they listen to and all the things they do.
But I shan’t elaborate further.

Oh, and I tried to paint little Union Jacks on my mails in nail polish. It turns out, it’s harder than it seems.

Mmm, tea. I love tea. It’s so soothing and relaxing. And warm for winter chills.

I think that’s the end now.


Friday, July 8, 2011


I have recently come to realise I have potential to grow into a crazy cat lady. I have always been absolutely in love with our adorable feline friends and I have noticed recently how much I like cats in comparison to others.
You see, certain friends of mine say they love cats, but they just love them for the cuteness, and they will squeal with delight at the sight of a cat or kitten.
I, however, feel I have certain characteristics in my personality that resemble that of a cat. For example, I am rather independent and will try to rely on no-one, just like cats. Sure, I like when people spend time with me, or maybe relaxing for some time, while someone looks after me, but I am generally quite independent. I also seem to shroud many of my emotions and feelings from others, until I really get to know them. I think they then feel as though I don’t want any sort of relationship with them, when I am actually just trying to build up trust, so I don’t get hurt. It is really just a defence mechanism. I also seem to get lost in my mind often and so I often appear distant and as though I repel any sort of deep conversations, but I am really just lost in my thoughts. I often see cats doing the same, gazing into space, often seeming unkind showing a face lost in thought. Of course, they may attack if their thoughts are disturbed, but wouldn’t anyone?
So, I have cat characteristics.
I guess, I can blame it on living with cats since I was a baby. I have had many cats in my life and I currently reside with a mildly insane, large, black and white Frank and a small, also seemingly insane, black and white Cleo.
cellphonepictures 003Mad Frank
Photo0033Old Miss Cleo (she’s twelve in human years!)

We also have another pet in our odd family. This one is quite different to the other two

IMAG0006The Dude – he has grown a considerable amount since this picture was taken. He is now bigger than my hand!

Okay, now you’ve seen my pets, I must depart as I am awaiting the arrival of a friend, due to be here any minute now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some stuff, or something.

So, I am currently awake at 2:45AM and not tired, probably due to the fact that I woke up at 2:00PM today, and I now feel inspired to start a comic book series, written and illustrated by ME. I have high hopes for it. I think I’m gonna name it “The Life of Zoe”. Yes, I know, it’s not a very imaginative name, so i may change it. Hmmm…

On another topic, I recently found some stuff I quite enjoy. The stuff I mention is the brilliant music from the “Trock” (Timelord Rock) band, Chameleon Circuit. Now, this stuff, as it’s genre name suggests, is a bit (actually, a lot) related to Doctor Who (which I love dearly). I have listened to quite a lot of this stuff recently, as I am now following one of the band members on Twitter and Youtube. The young man in question goes by the name Charlieissocoollike, his real name being Charlie McDonnell. I first started following him when I came across a video of him explaining Doctor Who to the unknowing portion of the internet’s population. Then I just found more random Vlog (Video Blog) posts of his and then, before I knew it I was subscribed. I think he’s quite cool(like?), and he does some funny stuff, like paint himself purple or try to eat fish fingers and custard (from Doctor Who)(second video of his I saw) and he also says some funny stuff. But, best of all, he writes and sings songs, mostly in the band and sometimes alone. Some of his solo songs have been included in either of their albums (second one still due to be released), which I have asked my oh, so wonderful parents to import as we can’t buy them in SA. But, yeah, I have a new favourite band, which is another favourite of mine that is British. I have a new British obsession. I seem to have lost a lot of interest in the USA.
Something I found quite amusing recently on YouTube, was a video that someone made that included The Sims 3, Doctor Who and Chameleon Circuit playing in the background. I was convinced the creator of the video had read my mind, three of my favourite things in one video. Sure, the editing was bad and the quality could have been better, but it was still a cool find to make.

So, after much nagging from my mother, I have finally made arrangements to see a friend over the holidays. Crazy N is visiting on Friday. I think Mom just worries I’ll go insane, cooped up at home all three weeks I’m on holiday. At least I’m seeing SOME friends, unlike C, who doesn’t EVER respond. But it’s okay.

I recently watched the movie Sucker Punch and I think I have found a new type of movie that I LOVE! I thought it was awesome and some of the camera work and animations were just amazing. I love comic-book/video-game style movies. They are just phenomenally brilliant. So, I need to find more.

Okay, I think any more typing and my fingers will fall off, mostly due to the cold as it is 3:00 AM now. Wow, 15 minutes just to type all of the above.
Okay, I have to go now, before I lose a finger.

PS: SHIVER!!! Brrrr…

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sims 3

Another favourite of mine.
This is a simulated reality game in which one controls one or many members of a family/household in their general daily activities. This is the third version of the game, with better graphics and more available to be done than the first two versions.
Each sim (simulated being) has a plumbob above their head, indicating they are the selected character and the plumbob is the game’s general logo.
Here is a plumbob:
Here is a screenshot from the game:
Here is the CD cover:

Now, I am currently playing the console (Xbox 360) version because my computer can’t play it without glitching and dying out on me, so I am stuck with the console one.
It is rather different to the PC one but it’ll have to do.
Currently, I am playing a family of blue twin sisters and the daughter of one ( father is random) while the other twin is currently pregnant. And, yes, I did say they are blue. Haha. My father thinks I am mad for not using any money cheats on this game since I am fighting with having only about 10 thousand Simoleons (the sim currency) and I do think it is quite ridiculous trying to survive with a maximum of 10 grand. I don’t know how they survive.
In general, the sims live generally normal lives, just like humans, but some truly absurd things can happen to them, for example, they get ghosts.
Despite the original game, there are also expansion packs available with more possibilities and opportunities like travel:
and stuff:
and upcoming pets:                      (coming soon)
and some more stuff that are hard to categorise:

And yeah, I think that’s that.


Friday, July 1, 2011

What a week!

The heading is a lie.

My week has been so far from eventful that the power of the uneventfulness (what power?) could cause a supernova, thus creating a black hole, sucking out all eventfulness in the world, and yes, I know that eventfulness is not a word, but who cares anyway.
I’m not saying I didn’t like this past week, I did, really, but I just have to let my readers (what readers?) know about how TOTALLY UNEVENTFUL my week  has been. So, to anyone who actually reads this blog voluntarily (besides myself) you now know of the winter holidays and how they lack activity.

*I partially blame my friend Claudia for that because someone doesn’t know how to respond to two texts and FB messages*

On another topic, to anyone still left reading after that whole conundrum of WTFness, I think I am still completely flabbergasted by the insanity of Monty Python’s ‘And Now For Something Completely Different’ and it’s extreme Britishness.
(And I thought the ASDF movies were insane!!!)
(And yes, I did just almost forget how to spell ASDF)

{N and I played a fun game recently at school (while we were supposed to be studying for our exams) which, without much purpose (besides much laughter) entails drawing the following:                                      
*an island
*ocean waves around
*a sailor in a boat
*some palm trees
*some hula girls with skirts
*an erupting volcano
*the sun
*the word hawaii

It’s REALLY funny afterwards.}

Yes, ^^that was extremely random. I just had to put it in there. hahaha.

Some more drawing have erupted from my pens and pencils.


A flower thing                          A rose                                  A sims/anime mash-up

Yeah, I think that’s it.