Thursday, June 16, 2011


I quite enjoy art. Whenever possible I will create a doodle or picture. I constantly think of artwork.

The feel of a pencil in your hand and a picture in your head and inspiration all around, well, it’s wonderful. And then, creating that image perfectly and admiring your creation, that is truly breath-taking.

I have recently gotten into some manga styles from a book I have. Scan10005Scan10006Scan10007Scan10008

I have also worked on some more realistic works.

Scan10002Scan10002Hilary Duff

I haven’t had all the time I need though so I haven’t made many drawings. I do have plans of getting into a painting, though. It will feature the TARDIS:

wallpaper-255216(Not like this though)

I will update more pictures upon their creation.




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