Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apple Revolutionists Unite

Yes, it’s a strange heading.

You are probably thinking that by apple, I speak of the technology. Alas, you still have yet to hear of that revolution. No, I speak only of the treat that is said to repel medical personnel. A fruit of green and red. Soft and juicy and sour, or hard and ripe and sweet.


A friend of mine, mentioned before in previous posts, N has joined me in the effort to spread the Apple Revolution.

You see, coincidentally, we seemed to have apples accompanying our sandwiches and chocolates in our lunch time snacks at school every day. So, we decided to become the founders of the Apple Revolution, a group that would only ever have two members.

I highly doubt that we would gain additional members to our absurd cause. Quite a pity, is it not.

Oh, the absurdity of the Revolution of Apples. It truly has no purpose and is utterly ludicrous.

One may declare us zany, but what would this world be, should there not be the insane?

Our world would become full of mindless following sheep who copy the actions of everyone else. Our world would become monotonous, mundane and mainstream. So, the insane keep our world filled to the brim with excitement and eccentricity.

My deepest thanks to the barmy people in this world. I just have to request that I am not eaten or mauled in my sleep.


PS: You are unable to prove that I am mad.
PPS: I mean, I didn’t just use some of the strangest, fanciest types of words and sentence construction.
PPPS: And, I’m not leaving any pointless PS’s. Nuh uh! Definitely not.
PPPPS: Good-bye now
PPPPPPS: I <3 <3 Doctor Who!
PPPPPPPS: Can you tell I’m a little sleep deprived??????? HUH, WELL, CAN YOU???????????

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