Tuesday, May 24, 2011

High School

It’s a whole other world out there!

I finally know where all the teenagers are because I ever see them. They’ve been doing school work!

It’s actually crazy how much work there is.

I have less than a month until I write my first exams of the year. Studying… studying… and oh, did I mention… STUDYING!!!

Thankfully, I have some classmates I am able to call friends now. Particularly my small friend N. We have laughed about the craziest things. We actually have a list. Here are some things on the list:

Vacuums Suck! (our Afrikaans teacher said this originally)
Chicken Liver Rats  … ????? (I have no clue)
SHOES!!! (???)

There are many more crazy things that form our strange inside joke.

Good times…  <sigh>


Ok, bye now


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