Friday, May 27, 2011

Life, the Universe and Everything

School is school. Boring and complicated with the plus side of many friends.
Unfortunately, it has been freezing lately and the winter uniform just isn’t warn enough.
Additionally, I have broken my pinky toe and am in much pain.
Luckily, I can wear gloves to school and I shall buy a scarf soon.

Still, this is going to be a long winter. 

I am currently reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and am finding every part hilarious. Some of the stuff in that book really makes you think, and then some stuff is just a serious WTF???

My friend C and I have decided to open a great entrepreneurial opportunity by creating a brank of T-shirts including her PsychoBunnyBoilers and my Doctor Who obsession. Then, with all our cool T-shirts with awesome and brilliantly imaginative designs, we shall take a gap year after Matric and travel the world wearing our T-shirts with our friends. We hope for it to be a great success.

That’s all for today

bowties are cool

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doctor Who

Yes, that’s the one we’ve been waiting for for a long time, the best TV show in existence, long running from 1963!!!

I am currently a huge Whovian (and by currently, I mean forever). BTW, a Whovian is a fan of Doctor Who, hence the “Who” part.

Basically, to anyone living under a non-science-fiction rock for the last 50 or so years,  Doctor Who features the main character The Doctor (real name unknown), a time lord, and his many, many companions and their travels through time and space in his spaceship, the TARDIS.


The Doctor, with his odd, brilliant personality, often finds himself in danger with some of the strangest enemies to ever be seen. Luckily, he has a way of cheating death called regeneration, where his whole body changes and he becomes a new person, but with the same memories and eccentricity.

I think, one would have to watch the show to truly understand its complexity and true brilliance, but this is a general summary.

It is obviously of British creation as I don’t think any other nation could create something just so hilariously weird.




High School

It’s a whole other world out there!

I finally know where all the teenagers are because I ever see them. They’ve been doing school work!

It’s actually crazy how much work there is.

I have less than a month until I write my first exams of the year. Studying… studying… and oh, did I mention… STUDYING!!!

Thankfully, I have some classmates I am able to call friends now. Particularly my small friend N. We have laughed about the craziest things. We actually have a list. Here are some things on the list:

Vacuums Suck! (our Afrikaans teacher said this originally)
Chicken Liver Rats  … ????? (I have no clue)
SHOES!!! (???)

There are many more crazy things that form our strange inside joke.

Good times…  <sigh>


Ok, bye now