Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy week

I haven't been able to post for a while.
I was helping mom throw a surprise party for dad.
I have also been busy with school, sport and homework.

*heaves great sigh*

Now for another tremendous week of no posting and tons, seriously, TONS of schoolwork.
Well, anyway

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top 10

I am one of the top 10 of grade 7 this year again. Happy!

I hope I am a monitor or something next term.

I can’t believe we are writing exams this coming term.

Busy year.

I am excited for my June trip down to the sea. Mom and Dad decided that Grandpa and I shouldn’t be up in Joburg during the World Cup.

So we are gonna fly down just before school closes and fly back at the end of June.

Yay, ocean in Winter!

I should probably get some sleep since its very late.


Oh noes!

I havent written for a little while.

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom before Exam Term.

OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadness. :(

Oh well. I had better get some sleep and enjoy tomorrow while it lasts.



I luv cats!!! :P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I realised yesterday that I have one less day of holiday. The public holiday confused the cats out of me and there I was thinking yesterday was Monday, because Mom and Dad were home on the real Monday. I then realised that it was Tuesday and that Monday was gone. I now have 4 days left.

4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Good-bye holiday. It was nice knowing you.

Soon I will be bombarded by grade 7 work and people and EXAMS!!!!!!

I wish holidays were longer.

Oh well.

Oh cats.


Well here is a random picture for laughs.     

  star-wars-darth-vader-sense I will try to put more of them in. Everyday.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just another day

Today it is raining. I love the rain but I can’t do much.

Mom and I are sitting here, in bed, watching Star Wars.
With chocolate.

Mmmm… chocolate.

I am happy. One more week of holidays, YAY!!


I love the new theme for my blog. I think it looks great.


Easter Sunday

Today was Easter, as you probably know.

I spent the day at J’s grandpa’s house for a great day of Easter celebration.
We had and Easter egg hunt between J, R and myself. We each found loads of eggs and i got to take a whole lot home.

We also dyed white eggs with different colours and it looked beautiful. Mom, Dad and I had so much fun and we now wan to do that again.
My left hand is blue from dye and it’s finally starting to fade.

I am enjoying being back on the blog and hope to post more often now.

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 4, 2010

African Safari Day

Today Mom and Dad took J and I out to a Lion Park. We had so much fun. We got to see lions, zebras, giraffes and much more. We then went to Design Quarter and had lunch and went back to J’s house and hung out with J’s dad and friends.cellphonepics 148A lion snoozing under a tree

cellphonepics 169The lion and lioness walked right behind the car
 cellphonepics 173The lion behind the car

cellphonepics 167
cellphonepics 178A giraffe we were about to touch
cellphonepics 179Almost touched it
cellphonepics 158Lions munching on something
cellphonepics 182The giraffe walking away from the car
cellphonepics 205Black backed jackal sleeping
cellphonepics 210
cellphonepics 215Aaw, such cute little lion cubs
cellphonepics 212Black backed jackal
cellphonepics 231A very cute lion cub that we named “Playful”   

I took a lot more pictures than this but I can’t post them all. :D   

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catch Up

I know, I know. To my very few readers, I am sorry. It’s been just under a year since I last posted.

I am on the first holiday of the year now and I am in grade 7. Wow.

I am no longer friends with K. D and S are now my friends. I won’t say what thier real names are though.

I help D look after her class, since she is a class monitor. We look after Grade 1’s and they love to hold our hands or cling on to us.

Those children gave me lice too! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!


Blue Hair

 cellphonepics 067

My Birthday Presents

cellphonepics 047

E and I found a Grasshopper


Prepare for the Evil wrath of the Cutlerycopter!
E made this while I was doing dishes.


Its a volcano. I made this while making pancakes. Or was it cake?

IMAG0041 IMAG0046

It’s Frank sleeping on a towel.


Shh! Don’t startle the Housecat.
He is in his natural habitat and will attack when confronted.

IMAG0121 IMAG0142 IMAG0117 IMAG0133  IMAG0130 IMAG0136

J, E and I at E’s “wedding.”
(Sorry, J looks odd in the last picture)

cellphonepics 089

It’s E!

cellphonepics 103

It’s my “wedding!”

cellphonepics 238

It’s Mom!