Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Poems at School

In English we were asked to write some poems about hunger after we saw some pictures on YouTube about children who were starving in Africa. My poems were:

Hunger is red
Like the blood that spills when I am hurt
It deprives me
Like a room where I can’t breathe
It makes me cry
Like a small, hungry child
It makes me wish for them to have food.

Hunger is blue
Like the sky that we all can see
It breaks my heart
Like a lost lover
It makes me sad
Like all the starving children
It makes me want to help them. 

Hunger is black
Like the darkest night
It kills
Like a disease
It makes me feel so sad for the starving children
Like losing a friendship with an old friend
It makes me appreciate what I have

Hunger is green
Like the unavailable plants for the hungry children
It makes the children thin
Like the thinnest stick
It makes me sob
Like a waterfall
It makes me love my life as it is

Hunger is white
Like people say it is after I die
It sucks out lives of children
Like a black hole
It makes me aware
Like a hunting cat
It makes me want to give them a life just like mine.

For more information go to Poverty.com and Feedingchildren.org


Mandy Southgate said...

Your poetry is awesome!!!

Dave said...

thank you

Gauteng said...

hay that is very good
at lest i am not the only one that had to do that