Friday, March 20, 2009

The School Elections.

At school today my English teacher was saying how the South African elections are near. she said that we had been doing so much work that we should have some fun. Educational fun. But what she said next was rather unexpected. We will be having our own school elections and we now either have to form into political parties or be an interviewer, photographer and/or a voter. I have joined a party with all my friends. We called it Girls and Boys Democratic Party. so far we only have about 7 people but we will get more on Monday. I know that people will vote for us though. Only Grade 6s and 7s can be in parties and the rest must vote. The leader of the party that wins will be president of the school. I do but I don’t want to be the group leader. Gotta go now. I have to make fliers for our group.


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