Friday, March 20, 2009

The School Elections.

At school today my English teacher was saying how the South African elections are near. she said that we had been doing so much work that we should have some fun. Educational fun. But what she said next was rather unexpected. We will be having our own school elections and we now either have to form into political parties or be an interviewer, photographer and/or a voter. I have joined a party with all my friends. We called it Girls and Boys Democratic Party. so far we only have about 7 people but we will get more on Monday. I know that people will vote for us though. Only Grade 6s and 7s can be in parties and the rest must vote. The leader of the party that wins will be president of the school. I do but I don’t want to be the group leader. Gotta go now. I have to make fliers for our group.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Medical Mews

This week we had challenge to write a story with the heading Medical Mews each. We saw a sign at Sandton City saying that and we couldn’t help but making this challenge. If you are wondering who ‘we’ is, it’s my mom and I. Here is my one:

Once long ago when people didn’t have any medicine and people died all the time because of sickness and diseases, a little girl was born. There were prophecies of this child and she would decide the fate of how people healed and died. She would decide who could live and who had lived their lives and their time had come. Her name was Marianna. Her parents had known that she was special ever since they first laid their eyes on her and they protected her with their lives. They loved her so much that they swore to protect Marianna even at the cost of their lives.

When she was 11 years old they were attacked and her father nearly died. But they had told her about her prophecy and she immediately decided upon her father’s fate.

“He must live, for he is my guardian, bound for all eternity to save the prophecy and the world.” She said it with such power that her mother was even a bit scared. “He must live.” She whispered as if in a trance.

Her father was completely healed and her mother said, “Thank the gods for our child.” She was a miracle, their daughter. No one on the whole planet had ever been that lucky in such deathly times.

Many years passed and eventually Marianna could tell if someone was dying from the other side of the world. She never used her powers out of malice and she never made any friend because that could cloud her judgement on who could stay and whose time came and went.

When she was 21 a huge plague spread all through her town but she could not let her parents live forever. She knew that now because she was a proper adult she couldn’t rely on her parents to look after her. She was immortal but her parents were not. It was the hardest thing to do but she had to do it. She cried for a week and in that week the lives of many people were saved but eventually she realised that not everyone can always be saved.

She lived for hundreds of years and once she found a cat with kittens. They were all so beautiful and adorable that she could never lit their time come. She put a special spell on these cats. She promised to let them live with her and stay comfortable and happy forever.

You will never die” she really meant it.


After she had turned 21 she never aged and now she was 700 years old and she didn’t look a day over 20. People called Marianna The Fate.

Once she met a girl named Jessica. Jessica had recently moved here to Marianna’s hometown. They made good friends with each other and they saw each other often.

The scariest day of her life was when Jessica was hit by a car. She wouldn’t die but she was in pain. Marianna couldn’t heal her so she could only make her happy. Ever since she found the small family of cats there had been more kittens added to the family from other cats and she only lived with them. So she basically bred cats. She had never let any of them die and they only went out into her garden. They never went onto the roads.

She brought Jessica a four month old kitten. She was very surprised when she took the kitten to the hospital though.

She held the kitten there and she mewed the smallest cutest little mew. Surprisingly, right after she mewed, as if by magic, Jessica was healed. It was the most amazing miracle Marianna had ever witnessed and she had gone through some rather hectic times in her life. She watched her family die. And biggest and scariest of all, deciding peoples deaths. In the empty hospital room with only a kitten and Jessica, The Fate nearly passed out from shock, surprise and most of all, happiness.

Jessica was so happy to care for the cat that saved her life and she decided to name her Life. She walked out of the room with Marianna and she was carrying Life. Her parents were amazed at how their daughter had so quickly healed.

Marianna was so happy and she donated kittens to the hospital and eventually they had all people healed.

Luckily there were so many cats and they bred like rabbits. Marianna had only a certain amount of cats and she also wanted to keep some. So she made any cats she saw immortal and she also made them a bit kinder because she had seen some hostility in certain cats. All cats could heal but young kittens were more effective and they worked quicker .It was now only the people who had their time coming and for certain old people she had to let them go.

When she decided on a person’s fate a kind of trance formed around her and she looked into the person’s heart and decided whether their time was then or later.

Now all hospitals had cats roaming around them. The cats seemed to know who really needed help immediately and who could wait for another cat.

About a month after it was discovered a newspaper article said:

New health program for the injured

Only a year ago we had people dying all over and we thought that we could never heal them and the population of the world was getting smaller and smaller. It seemed like there was no hope. Too many people were getting hurt and it seemed like the only feeling we had in the world was hurt and pain.

Then at 11:30 on 9 June 2003 Jessica Katriata was hit by a car and was lucky to be alive. She was immediately rushed to Hollowriver hospital. Her parents were there and a friend. Her friend, Marianna Mandikat, is the one who saved her and all other people in risk of getting hurt or ill. All she did was try to cheer her up by bringing her a kitten from her many cats that she has bred. Surprisingly this small white kitten was more than a mere animal. She mewed for Jessica and she was magically healed. A miracle had happened. “We thought that Jessica might not have even survived when she walked out of the emergency room with no scratches to be seen,” says Dr. Cassandra Londrea.

Now there are cats and kittens in all hospitals. People are healing faster than ever and the population drop had ended rather dramatically. Marianna Mandikat is now called The Hope because she saved us.

Marianna hadn’t told them she was the one who decided on life or death though. She thought people would turn against her and say she was actually the reason so many people died.

She tried to work with the cats system of life. She had actually wondered how she could make cats immortal but not humans. Now she realised why. She had to work with them to save the world. She couldn’t work on her own anymore.

During the ‘population drop’ it had been very hard for her and making hundreds of decisions at a time was actually the problem. That was why so many people died. Now that cats know about their power they can help. She had headaches all the time because she made hundreds of decisions a day. Now she had so much more help and she was the happiest she could ever have been for a person who decides death.

She kept breeding cats and even today she is still around deciding my fate and yours and she will know when it’s time.